Configure class photo (optional)

The MechanicalMOOC supports a light weigth method for users to put a face to their participation.

Configure Amazon Web Services

To use this feature you need an Amazon Web Services account since images are uploaded to Amazon S3. Once you created the account, create a keypair with access to the AWS S3 bucket that you want to use. See the documentation over at Amazon to see how to do this.

You also need to create a new bucket where the images will be uploaded to.

Once done, run:

heroku config:set AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<aws_access_key>
heroku config:set AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<aws_secret_key>
heroku config:set AWS_S3_BUCKET=<bucket-name>

Configure getting profile data from Google+ and Twitter

Next you need to obtain app keys for Twitter and Google+. For twitter you can follow these instructions. For Google+, see this.

Once you’ve obtained the needed credentials, run:

heroku config:set TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN=<access-token>
heroku config:set TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET=<access-token-secret>
heroku config:set GOOGLE_PLUS_API_KEY=<api-key>