The Mechanical MOOC is a Django application. This quickstart will show you how to deploy the Mechanical MOOC to heroku. To complete this quickstart you will need to use the linux command line.

Set up a heroku account and install the heroku toolbelt.

Get the code from github:

git clone https://github.com/p2pu/mechanical-mooc

change into the source directory and run:

heroku create

Set the django SECRET_KEY by running:

heroku config:set SECRET_KEY="`uuidgen | md5pass`"

Next push the application code to heroku:

git push heroku master

Then add the free development database and create the database tables:

heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev
heroku run python manage.py syncdb --migrate

During the database creation, you need to create a superuser. This is the user that you will use to log in and create and send emails. Be sure to remember the credentials and don’t make them admin:password!!

And finally, to open the Mechanical MOOC in your browser run:

heroku open